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We’re delighted to be able to help some of the vulnerable women we support in Christchurch with a brilliant clothing collaboration between us and Wardrobe Foundation.

Wardrobe Foundation is a new social enterprise, based in Dorset, working to repurpose donated women’s clothing to women in need of clothing support. Wardrobe Foundation collates donations of items you would typically find in a woman’s wardrobe – for example jeans, hoodies, jumpers, skirts, trousers, and coats. They then curate a capsule wardrobe of foundation pieces presented in beautiful bespoke gift bags.

Eloise Grant from Wardrobe Foundation explains: “Our objective is simple, to work closely with women’s charities and local communities to support women who need clothing. There are many women in the UK who are in desperate need of clothing and many women who have a wardrobe full of clothes they no longer need. Clothes they do not wear, no longer fit or have fallen out of love with. The average garment is worn just 10 times! So, we believe we can bridge the gap by supporting women as well as promoting sustainability.”

She added: “We hope to move away from the notion that donations should arrive for the women who need them in a black bag (the embodiment of a bag of rubbish). The clothes we gift are laundered and beautifully presented in drawstring bags, lovingly handmade using up-cycled fabric. Each clothing gift bag contains a minimum of 10 items, a lavender heart and an inspirational message. As long as we have the sufficient stock to fulfil the demand, we are happy to donate as many gift bags as needed – we think the Water Lily Project do fantastic work and we love to support the project as best we can.”

The Water Lily Project is so grateful to Wardrobe Foundation for supplying these wonderful gift bags of clothing for the women we look after. Two lockdowns have seen women seeking help from us increase dramatically and often many are going without themselves to support their families. These gift bags of clothing will not only be useful for them but also give them a much-needed boost to their self-esteem. A fabulous Christmas present for them thanks to the Wardrobe Foundation that will put a smile on their faces.

If you would like to donate clothes to Wardrobe Foundation or find out how to benefit from their work, please visit for more information.