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Hello, my name is Julie Johns and I am the Founder and Managing Director of Safe Space Consultancy.  My personal vision is world free from violence and abuse, as a Social Enterprise, my business aim is to contribute towards this vision through engaging local communities and businesses to create safe spaces and healthy workplaces where the message is abuse, stalking and harassment is unacceptable.

My 20 year career path has led me to my current position of being a leader and local expert in raising awareness of domestic abuse, stalking and sexual harassment in the local community and workplaces.  Speaking out about these difficult subjects is a passion of mine as I believe that public awareness and education on these issues contributes towards reducing the risk of harm.  There are still many myths and stigmas associated with these issues, by speaking out we dispel these myths and help to empower those who are suffering to seek support sooner.  Previously, as a charity founder and frontline support worker, I have learned from those who know the most, women and men who have experienced domestic abuse, stalking and harassment.

The Water Lily Project is a fantastic service supporting vulnerable women and I am very pleased to be invited to come along and give a presentation.  The aims of the presentation will be to increase awareness of all forms of domestic abuse.  Identify early warnings signs of unhealthy behaviour within a relationship and to provide information of local sources of support.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Further information about the services I provide can be found via SafeSpaceConsultancy

To book your place on seminar about ‘What is Domestic Abuse?’ held on 12th June click here