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Here at The Water Lily Project we’re delighted to welcome two European volunteers for a year.

Estrella Flores-Santiago from Spain (25) and Antonella Moci (28) from Italy are both volunteering for the charity in its community café as well as supporting it with various initiatives to help vulnerable women in Christchurch and the surrounding area.

Estrella studied Economics at university and is now doing a Masters Degree specialising in international co-operation. Antonella studied political science and is keen to study International Relations. Both young women are passionate about helping underprivileged women around the world.

The volunteers are here thanks to an initiative through the European Solidarity Corp and the YMCA.

Water Lily Project Manager Liz Carter said: “These two extremely bright and hard-working young women are a real asset to our charity and we are so lucky to have them volunteering their talents, time and enthusiasm to our cause.”


Smiling behind the masks – Estrella and Antonella who are volunteering in our community cafe with many initiatives – and all adhering to Covid guidelines