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Hello, I’m Lisa Sweeney and I’m an Independent Ambassador for Tropic Skincare. I first became aware of the Waterlily Project after reading in the local paper that their invaluable services were under threat. Having read the article I visited their website to find out more about the work they do to support vulnerable women.

Mental ill health is something that I have lived alongside all my life as my lovely mum suffers with hers. Also, in my family history, there was domestic violence in a time when it wasn’t talked about and there wasn’t any help available.

This is why I feel passionately about the services that the Waterlily Project provides and why I have decided to use part of my Tropic business to donate some of my commission.

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I hope you will enjoy using Tropic’s natural, freshly made, cruelty free, sustainably sourced beauty products and be happy to know that 20% of any sales will be donated to the charity.