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The Water Lily Project in Christchurch will be offering more mental health support to women in crisis in the local community, thanks to a grant for £5000 from the Dorset Community Foundation.

Our Christian charity which supports vulnerable women back to independent living has seen a huge increase in demand for its services. Liz Carter, project manager explains: “The impact of the pandemic on well-being has been immense for so many in the community. Cut-backs to mental health services for many years have also heightened the situation and we’re now really beginning to see the effects of this. We’re finding so many more local women seeking help for mental health issues.”

She added: “It’s vital that we can offer the right support to help our beneficiaries and this grant will help make all the difference.”

The Water Lily Project is planning a nine-month programme aimed at reduction of stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression.  It will also be implementing ‘Happiness’ programmes to improve interpersonal skills, increase resilience self-care, self-esteem and confidence.  The benefits of a creative hobby will also be explored with a special art therapy course.